Vandercook SP15 Images

This SP15 (#21,629, 1962) apparently found no bids (starting at $1500) on eBay in October 2004.

#27,203, shipped 10/17/67. Unusual in lacking motorized ink drum (like Bill Litfin's, below). Offered for around $1900 in March 2004.













Neil Giroux's SP15




















Holding springs

















Far side mechanism


Bill Litfin's SP-15: "Manual Crank, Manual Inking, Galley Height Bed. The circular disk with a small black handle immediately above the main handle is the crank for inking the rollers. The back and forth action of making an impression keeps everything inked."

This is an SP-15 that sold for $2712 on eBay in August 2003


From the manual at the Boxcar Press page

From 1981 catalog (this is either an SP15, SP20, or SP25 Hand)


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