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Model Brochures
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(6.4mb pdf)


(5.7mb pdf)


SP25 P
(2.5mb pdf)


Universal I P
(5.8mb pdf)


Universal III P
(6.6mb pdf)


(764kb pdf)


No.4 OS
(22mb pdf)


(8.1mb pdf)


(1.6mb pdf)


(8.9mb pdf)


219 OS
(1.5mb pdf)


Models 0, 01. 99
(1.5mb pdf)


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325 P
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232 P
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Catalogs for press manuals contact NA Graphics

Composing Room Cylinders
(4.4mb pdf)


Roller SeriesProof Presses
(14mb pdf)


Vandercook Proving Equipment
(14mb pdf)


1935 ATF Catalog
(11.5mb pdf)


1936 Hacker Catalog
(33.4 mb pdf)


1941 Vandercook-Hacker Price List
(11.1mb pdf)


1949 Illustrated price List


1949 Illustrated price List


1950 Catalog
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1952 Catalog
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1964 Price List
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1965 Graphic Equipment
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1969 Price List
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1981-82 Vandersons Catalog
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Books and Monographs

DeWitt, Frank. Operation of the No. 3 Vandercook Proof Press. Rochester NY: Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute, 1941. == Brief how-to booklet issued by the Department of Publishing and Printing. The school later became Rochester of Institute of Technology.

Ganderton, V.S. Proof and Platen Presses (London: Pitman, 1946) == No.6 in Printing Theory and Practice series, gen.ed. John C.Tarr. Useful guide to all aspects of using cylinder printing presses. 
5.5 mb
PDF of "Chapter 1: Proofing Press"

Harris, Elizabeth M. Printing Presses in the Graphic Arts Collection "Galley proof and hand cylinder presses" p47 (Washington, D.C.: The National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, 1996)
812 kb PDF of Part 1 ; 940 kb PDF of Part 2

I.T.U. Lessons in Printing ."How to Pull Proofs and Make Corrections" Lesson 2. (Indianapolis, Indiana: International Typographical Union, 1970)
3.3 mb PDF

I.T.U. Lessons in Printing ."How to Pull Repro Proofs" Lesson 24. (Indianapolis, Indiana: International Typographical Union, 1970)
10.3 mb PDF

Lange, Gerald. Printing Digital Type on the Hand Operated Flat-bed Cylinder Press 3rd ed.(Marina del Rey CA: The Bieler Press, 2004) == Essential reading for printers working with photopolymer plates. Order from Bieler Press

Smith, A.H., Boxall L.E. and Charlesworth D.H. Determination of the Covering Power of News Ink Using the Vandercook Proof Press (Leatherhead UK: Printing, Packaging & Allied Trades Research Association, 1958) == Not located: only copy on OCLC is lost.

Stewart, A A. Proof Presses (Chicago: United Typothetae of America, 1918) == Part I, No. 5 in the Typographic Technical Series for Apprentices.
2 mb PDF pp 16–21

Warner, Jacob L. Printing on a Vandercook and Other Disillusionments (Greenbelt, MD: The Boxwooder, Number 171, October 1983 issue of The Boxwooder) == Reprinted in Type & Press, Issue No. 62, Fall 1989. See Journal Articles below.

Journal Articles
see also Articles page.

Brewer, Fredric. “Cylinder Pressman Shares His Expertise With Vandercook Printers” (Type & Press, Issue No. 63, Winter, 1990) == Useful response to Jacob Warner’s complaint against his cylinder press printed in Issue No. 62.
452 kb PDF

Duensing, O.F. Minimum Makeready Through Form Preparation (Chicago: Vandercook, nd) == Reprint of address to Toronto Club of Printing House Pressmen, 1954.
2.2 mb PDF

———. "Proofs, Definition and purpose of twenty-five different kinds of proofs that are used in composing rooms, engraving departments, and pressrooms". Ninth Graphic Arts Production Yearbook (New York: Colton Press, 1950)
332 kb

Flader, Louis. “Story of a Visit to the New Vandercook Plant” (Reprint from Photoengravers Bulletin, June 1954) == Feature article on company with photographs of several models and views of the “The Vandercook Story." PDF Courtesy of Terry Chouinard, Wells College Book Arts Center.
15.2mb PDF

Gerry, Vance. "Making Ready on Grippered Cylinder Presses" (Letter in Type & Press, Issue No. 63, Winter, 1990, p.6)
232 kb PDF

Hargreaves, Geoffrey D. “Correcting in the Slip’" The Development of Galley Proofs” (The Library, December 1971, Vol. XXVI, No. 4 pp. 295–311) == Historical note on the production printers proofs from a bibliographic perspective.

Hinde, Charlie. "Tips for Vandercook Pressmen" (Type & Press, Issue No. 64, Spring 1990, p.5) == Tips on tail slur, tympan packing, bed of press.
76 kb PDF

Johnson, Bryan R. "Caring for your Vandercook" (Small Press Magazine. January/February 1985) == Good advice regarding the purchase of a reconditioned press. Vendor data out of date.
788 kb PDF

Lange, Gerald. “Edition Printing on the Cylinder Proof Press: A Historical Perspective" (Parenthesis: The Journal of the Fine Press Book Association, No. 3, May 1999) == Text available on this site at Articles

Lange, Gerald. Whither the Vandercook" (AbraCadaBrA, Number Six, Special Suspicions and Superstitions Issue. Spring of 1992)

Moxon, Paul. "Common Vandercook Operator Errors" (Galley Gab, No. 10, October 2007)
789 kb PDF

Vandercook, R. O. "Static Electricity in the Pressroom" (Inland Printer, Vol. 35. 1905) p. 745-747 == Written before the founding of his company it shows that he had a scientific bent, and suggests that he had some influence among Chicago printers of the time.
964 kb PDF

———. "Reducing Makeready Time" (Inland Printer, Vol. 60. August 1930) p. 97-98 == A bit of promotion disguised as a letter to the editor. PDF Courtesy of Fritz Klinke, NA Graphics.
2.3 mb PDF

Warner, Jacob L. "Printing on a Vandercook and Other Disillusionments" (Type & Press, Issue No. 62, Fall 1989) == Reprinted from a monograph of the same title, see Books and Monographsabove. Conveys a hobbyist’s frustration from printing on an SP15. Text reveals the author is under-informed about his press, however it fostered a useful rejoinder in Type & Press, Issue 63, by Fredric Brewer.
728 kb PDF

Williams, Fred. "The 'Vandy' A Splendid Press!" (Type & Press, Issue 67. Winter, 1991) == Includes model specifications chart.
400 kb PDF

"The Gourmet Vandercook: Printing on a Press Never Really Designed for Printing" (Devil’s Artisan. No. 17. 1985) == Presswork advice from notable printers. Discusses Mylar top sheet packing, registration and ink. Vendor data out of date. PDF available at <>

Reproduction Proofs. (Chicago: Vandercook, 1965) == An outline of requirements and procedures for pulling high quality repro proofs.
1.9mb pdf

"Smithsonian Institution Gets First Proof Press Invented by Vandercook" (Printing Equipment News. March 1973) ==Trade journal article.
2.2 mb PDF

“The Vandercook Story” (Photoengravers Bulletin, January 1964) == Excellent history of the development of Vandercook's manufacturing program with photographs of several models and views of the factory.
8.8 mb PDF



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