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Handy Brayer
Impression Counter
Plate, Type & Slug Gauges
Positive Lockup Bar
Pressure Ink
Roller Setting Gauges
Slip Gauge
Split Oscillating Vibrator Rolle
Traveling Sheet Delivery Tra

Handy Brayer


Gunars Prande


Vandercook brayers were made in several sizes. The 5", 6" and 8" brayers have one-piece cast aluminum frames and handles. The diameter of the roller for the 5" brayer is 1¾" and the diameter of the 6" and 8" brayer is 2½"

The larger sizes: 8", 10", 12" 14", 16" and 18" have handles and side frames of cast aluminum connected by a cadium plated steel bar. The diameter of these rollers is 3"

Impression Counter


Plate Gauge

Daniel Morris


Positive Lockup Bar


A convenient, adjustable position device for quickly locking up forms. Slide lever to lock in place against bed bearers, pressure is then also exerted toward the form. Originally sold as standard equipment with new presses.


An earlier design called a "Handy Lockup Bar."
Pressure Ink Well

Daniel Morris


An ink-dispenser used for Vandercook proofing inks. Worked much like a caulking gun. A hole is punched in the bottom of the can to expel the ink, which is forced through by a disc which replaces the can lid he lid and pushes into the can via by a screw.

PDFs for this device:
Pressure Ink Well for No. 4 and 215
Pressure Ink Well for No. Universal and SP series


Roller Setting Gauges

A roller setting gauge is essential to determine correct form roller height. Be sure to use the correct diameter gauge:

.918” for standard beds
.968” for galley presses without .050" removable bed plate in place.

Slip Gauge

Fritz Klinke: "This is something I have not come across in the Vandercook material we have here, but I think it may have something to do with color proofing. I can't think of any contemporary use for this as they were using either original photoengravings or electrotypes in those days, and we now have a multitude of different photopolymer plate thicknesses. Slip gauges as I think I know anything about are placed between the ink roller and cylinder and are pulled out from between those two surfaces, but it is attached to a gauge that determines resistance and that tells you how tightly the rollers are set, and can be used across the width of a roller. In offset, that's about the only way to accurately set ink rollers. "


Split Oscillating Vibrating Roller

Designed for two color ink testing during a single impression. Ink is kept separated by recessed channels in middle.


Rocky Baranowski


Recessed form rollers used to mimic the effect of a split oscillating roller.
Traveling Sheet Delivery Tray
Mounted behind the carriage, this tray is a convenient for placing printed sheets after impression.
Standard equipment sold with models No. 3 and No. 4, and Universal Series presses. Shown here is a No. 4.