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I currently print on a Vandercook and run a business here in the US, but am looking at moving to Northern Ireland for a year. I’d like to continue printing —either on a borrowed press (in a shared studio environment) or on a press that I buy over there. Are there any recommendations of reputable sites that list presses for sale? Are Vandercooks common in the UK or am I more likely to find another type of cylinder press? Any advice welcome. Thanks!

UK Printing

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  • July 21, 2014 at 5:15 pm

    The Vandercook census shows a british-built No. 4 at the National Print Museum in Dublin, and an Asbern at Limerick Printmakers. I checked the other censuses: Challenge, FAG, Korrex, etc. but, found none in Northern Ireland. However it doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Ask on Briar and British Letterpress.

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