Thread Conversion

What is the usa ⅜-16 thread equal to in both British, European and metric? I am looking for a mic adapter of 5/8-27 female to either ⅜ euro thread, metric thread, or 1/8 ips threads male. Do any of these items exist?

Thread Conversion

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  • July 4, 2018 at 12:36 pm

    There’s no exact equivalent to British Standard Whitworth (BSW) or metric threads. The distance between threads and the pitch or angle is different.

    Please tell us what model, manufacturer and component(s) that you want to repair or replace. In the 1950s, some Vandercooks were built in Britain with BSW specs. Earlier and later models were built in Chicago to the Unified Thread Standard (in inches).

    Frequently, repairs can be made by thread cutting tools called taps (for interior threads of screw holes) and dies (for screw threads). I trust that these are available in the BSW specification.

    For reference see:

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