Vandercook 425 ink fountain missing part?

I’ve been running a Vandercook 425 for a little under a year and am finding that I would really like to get the ink fountain working. However, I think I’m missing a part. The 425 Manual that I have (thank you Paul!) shows an ink fountain system that looks very different from mine, so I need some help figuring out either what part to order, or a work around.

The part that turns the ratchet is spring loaded and does not remain in the upright position to engage with the ink rollers. You can see in the pictures the position it needs to stay in so that it can be used. I can see that there is a slot where “something pin like?” used to be to keep it up. Thank you for the help! (I realize I don’t have the ink fountain locked in place for use.)

Vandercook 425 ink fountain missing part?
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One thought on “Vandercook 425 ink fountain missing part?

  • February 7, 2021 at 12:01 pm

    You may recall that during my visit I mentioned that this is the 425 known to me. So the best bet is to
    find a similar mechanism on another press like a 232 or a 32-28. Just a hunch, but I will send you the manuals for you to investigate. Please post a follow up with your solution.

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