Vandercook Workshops led by Paul Moxon. Please contact the institution to register. To schedule a workshop, service call, lecture, or private consult, please use the Contact Form

Vandercook Maintenance
Center for Book Arts, October 13–14
Washington University, Sept 8-9

Participants will learn all the points of maintenance, cleaning, and lubrication so as to be prepared for potential problems and make or direct repairs. We will also discuss all models of interest and other brands as warranted. Whether you use studio presses, own a press, or are thinking of buying one, this workshop will provide excellent guidance. Bring your questions, photos and/or broken parts. Paul will also share examples from his collection of Vandercook literature.

Proof Press Finesse
Maine Media, August 26–Sept 1

This workshop will help take the guesswork out of troubleshooting. Delve into the minutiae of make-ready, imposition, lockup, and the adjustment of form rollers to obtain proper inking and impression. A Vandercook expert, Paul Moxon will will cover how to tweak current problems on the press and to gain mastery of press skills with a focus on production printing. Other topics include choosing paper and inks, using photopolymer plates and minor press maintenance, all resulting in better quality press work, better understanding of equipment and materials, better ability to troubleshoot, and an all around productive time spent among quality people. Bravely bring examples of your worst printing to be critiqued in class as well as any photopolymer plates or paper you would like to try; otherwise all materials will be provided. A great class for those considering starting their own shop.