Vandercook Patents

by Paul Moxon

There are 40 known U.S. patents related to Vandercook presses. Most are assigned to Messrs. Vandercook, but a few are in the names of key engineering employees. Several patents are cited in other U.S. and foreign patents, including recent ones issued for offset equipment; materials tested on Vandercook presses; and mechanisms used in other industries. Links in the patent number column redirect to Google Patents containing scans of original U.S. patents. Please note that in several instances the title listed is non-descriptive (e.g. PROOF PRESS) and/or shows typographic errors (e.g. PSOOSI PBINTISTG-PKESS) generated by an optical character recognition program. See also Hacker and Challenge patents. Thanks to Daniel Morris for telling me about this resource.

U.S. Patent No.Model / Descriptive TitleInventorFiling DateIssue Date
705490Means for Dissipating Static ElectricityVandercook, R.O.3/13/19017/22/1902
992461Proof Printing PressVandercook, R.O.9/9/19095/16/1911
1042848RockerVandercook, R.O.2/8/190910/29/1912
1076084Roller Series / Proof Printing-PressVandercook, R.O.9/9/190910/21/1913
1100409Roller seriesVandercook, R.O.1/8/19136/16/1914
1120868No. 15 / Inking Device for Printing-PressesVandercook, R.O.8/1/191312/15/1914
1381948Ink-Distributing Attachment for Platen Printing-PressesVandercook, R.O.2/13/19196/21/1921
1399329Non-Slip Driving MeansVandercook, R.O.6/16/192112/6/1921
1779384Frisket FrameVandercook et al.5/31/192710/21/1930
1789851Machine for Masking ArticlesVandercook, D.D. Vandercook, F.R.9/6/19271/20/1931
1843254Automatic Cylinder TripVandercook et al.6/1/19312/2/1932
1866379Chase for Printing PressesVandercook et al.5/26/19277/5/1923
1886923317 / Work Supporting AttachmentVandercook et al.6/1/193111/8/1932
1895501Cylinder AdjustmentVandercook et al.7/17/19311/31/1933
1898605219 OS/ Proof Press and Inking Mechanism Therefor[e]Vandercook et al.10/10/19272/21/1933
1985701219 OS Proof PressVandercook et al.10/10/192712/25/1934
2049636427/4-color Printing Press
Vandercook, D.D. Vandercook, E.O.
Pelland, R.L
2181714Printing PressGeffken, O.C.
Vandercook, D.D.
227174522 / Proof PressPeters, John10/26/19402/3/1942
227175023 / Printing PressVandercook, D.D. Vandercook, E.O.12/13/19402/3/1942
2300715604 / Multi-Color Proof PressVandercook, D.D. Vandercook, E.O.5/26/194111/3/1942
231996122 / Proof PressVandercook, D.D. Vandercook, E.O.4/3/19425/25/1943
2610581604 / Multi-Color Proof PressPelland, R.L
Vandercook, D.D. Vandercook, E.O.
2715362Direct Drive Form Roller for Print PressVandercook, D.D.7/21/19518/16/1955
2725010604 / Multi-color Proof PressPelland, R.L
Vandercook, D.D. Vandercook, E.O.
2753799Printing DeviceRice, Robert T.12/19/19527/10/1956
2823608Positive Lock-up BarRobar, G.D.
Vandercook, D.D.
2866579Universal / Device for Feeding InkRoozee, J.B.04/19/195712/30/1958
2908319Plate Mounting DeviceRobar, G.D.10/8/195610/13/1959
2985102Offset Proof PressVandercook, E.O.10/13/19585/23/1961
2985103Automatic Wash-upRoozee, J.B.8/21/19585/23/1961
2992609Universal / Inking Roller SystemRoozee, J.B.8/26/19587/18/1961
2998767Universal / Test or Proof PressRoozee, J.B.
Fouser, F.A.
3027833Offset Print Size ControlFouser, F.A.3/6/19594/3/1962
3216128Proof DryerNowak, R.F.
Wisniewski, T. A.
3289581Ink Monitoring System for Printing PressesRoozee, J.B5/12/196412/6/1966
3347160RO4-29 / Ink Roll Interrupter for a Multi-Color Rotary Offset Printing PressRoozee, J.B.6/17/196510/17/1967
3353484Universal / Inking System for Printing PressesKoyak, J.W.6/2/196511/21/1967
3348481SP15 / Traveling Ink Roll Supporting SystemNowak, R.F.3/10/196510/24/1967
3536006RO4-29 / Multi-Color Rotary Offset Printing PressRoozee, J.B.6/17/196510/27/1970

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