Buyer’s Checklist

Most presses will need cleaning, lubricating and adjustment at the very least. Ask for photos from the buyer. If inspecting the press in person—and you should—study a large image of the model and bring it with you. Your main concern should be condition and completeness of the major parts. Minor parts can be purchased from NA graphics and major parts fabricated. Do your best to ignore grime and light rust, worn paint and dents to the cabinet and cover panels.  But be wary of deeply etched rust on bed, impression cylinder, oscillator/rider and ink drum.

Major parts

Under rails. Slowly run finger along the length (where the carriage bearing roll) on both sides of the press. They should feel smooth. If rough or sharp this is a sign of significant wear to the rails. This is essentially impossible to repair. The carriage bearings will need to be adjusted and the surface will continue to erode. The press can still be used, but wear greatly affects the precision and thus the real value of the press.

Ink Motor. Turn power on. Is the motor loud? Determine where the sound originates. Open door under feed board and inspect the motor. The power cord may need to be replaced.

Power carriage.  Does the carriage move? Adjustments can be made later. Inspect electrical box, look for heavy corrosion. The circuitry can be rewired and/or replaced, but this will be expensive. Microswitches on backside can also be replaced.

Inking assembly. The oscillator and rider, Should not be too rusted or pitted.

  • Worm gar and crescent can be replaced.
  • roller cores, rubber will definitely need to be replaced, cores too if missing
  • rubber that appears sweaty rollers are made of urethane and will melt onto ink drum.
  • roller height adjustment bearings and gears can be replaced

Gripper bar. Missing grippers/end guides can be replaced

Hank crank. black handle and stud can be replaced, the cast hand crank can be fabricated.

Feed board. Missing side guides can be replaced.

Head dead bar. If missing use furniture to fill gap before testing any print form.

Adjustable beds. Can be torn down cleaned and lubricated. Hand wheels purchased online.

Other parts, e.g. lockup bar, foot dead bar wash-up unit are less important.

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