Asbern Presses

This page provides information specifically about Asbern flatbed cylinder proof presses. No sources for parts are known.

They feature a dial for incremental height cylinder adjustment to change the impression and a lever for manual cylinder trip.

Models AD-1, ADR-1 [Adretta], and PN have hand-cranked carriages and power ink distribution. Some AD-1s have manual ink distribution.

The PI-1 has power ink distribution and a wash-up unit, similar to the Vandercook Universal and SP series, and two gripper opener cams for short or long print strokes, similar to the Universals. These models were imported into the U.S. by the E.G. Lindner Co., in Los Angeles.

The Rationella I is hand-cranked, the Rationella II is either hand-cranked or has a power carriage, and the Rationella III has a power carriage only. These models were imported into the U.K. by Gordon and Gotch Ltd.

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ModelRoller Dia.Paper SizeBed SizeFl. SpaceWt. (lbs.)
AD-1, ADR-115¼ × 19½15¼4 × 23¼3'2" × 5'9"993
Pak I20½ × 23⅖19½ × 23¼3'4" × 8'6"1455
PI-120½ × 24½19½ × 23¼3'4" × 7'3" 1452
Rationella I20½ × 24⅘20⅗ × 273'½ × 8'6" 1456
Rationella II24 × 30¼20⅗ × 274'7" × 9'2" 2912, 3136*
Rationella III35½ × 50¾20⅗ × 275'9" × 11'9" 5600

* Power carriage


Manufactured by Asbern Maschinenfabrik in Augsburg, West Germany 1950s-70s. Imported into U.S. by E.G. Linder, a Los Angeles printing equipment dealer. Ernest A. Lindner co-founded The International Printing Museum in Southern California. is not legally affiliated with any owner of the name Asbern or Vandercook.



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