Press Moving Dollies

These plans for press moving dollies designed by Daniel Mellis. See original post.
Press Dolly 1 top Press dolly 2 with toe jack close up Press dolly 2 with toe jack Press dolly 1 bottom



Hardware list for two dollies:

(4) 3” Swivel Casters
(6) 3” Total Locking Swivel Casters
(40) Flat Head Socket Cap Screw, 5/16″-18 × 1-1/4″
(40) Locknut with External-Tooth Lock Washer, 5/16″-18
(1) Countersink Drill Bit Collar. 
It is important to not drill deeper than what is necessary with the countersink. A drill press is recommended so the correct depth can be set.
(≈10) 1.25” wood screws to attach 7×12” plate to dolly
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