Challenge Patents

challenge-logo.70sListed here are U.S. patents issued to Challenge Machinery Co. for inventions related to their flat bed cylinder proof presses. Challenge held several more patents for platen presses, paper cutters and drills.

U.S. Patent No.Model / Descriptive TitleInventorFiling DateIssue Date
1816816Printing Press Bed MovementBarney, Freeman 1/319288/4/1931
2119747Inking MechanismBarney, Freeman
Lee, J.E.
2162816Proof PressBarney, Freeman
Lee, J.E.
2592379Proof PressBarney, Freeman11/8/19474/8/1952
2674943Proof PressBarney, Freeman7/26/19484/13/1954
2962963Printer's Proof pressBarney, Freeman11/28/195512/6/1960
3288062Chase Lockup Bar AssemblyWestra, Dan P. 11/4/196411/29/1966
3370533MA/MP series / Proof Press With Short Sheet Gripper ReleaseArgaubright, Ned A.
Westra, Dan P.


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