Korrex Census

korrex-logo.jpgThis table attempts to catalog existing Korrex proof presses. Currently, there are 146 presses listed. For more information see the main page for Korrex. To add or correct data, use the Contact Form.

Please provide the following information:
• model name (including features: adjustable bed, power carriage, etc.)
• serial number
• owner name
• location
• year built
• where or from whom it was acquired (to eliminate duplicate entries)

Berlin I14141960Gwido ZlatkesPolandIn need of roller cores and oscillator assembly
Berlin I14291960Familia PlomezSpain, Madrid
Berlin I14951960Enkidu PersNetherlands, Philippine
Berlin I17131961Rob CoxNetherlands, Amsterdam
Berlin I27281964La Maison EditionsFrance, Paris
Berlin I31301965Katrine Ekman / Stolen TuesdayDenmark, Copenhagen
Berlin I37091967Atelier Locomotive Letterpress / Pierre RangerCanada ON Oakville
Berlin I20061962FachhochschuleGermany, Karlsruhe
Berlin I27081964Melania LanziniItaly, Florence, Italy
Berlin I51021972Erik SpiekermannGermany, Berlin
Berlin I53541974Franck Grohier / Red Hand press,Australia, Darwin
Berlin I55911984Sergei KasilovRussia,
Berlin I399341958In de BonnefantNetherlands, Banholt
Berlin I1966Jan KeijserUnknown
Berlin I1959Peter HendriksUnknown
Berlin IAmbachtelijke drukkerij TypiqueNetherlands, Amsterdam
Berlin IAtelier de DistelkampNetherlands, Dodewaard
Berlin IBoekdrukkerij Het YNetherlands, Amsterdam
Berlin IEikeldoorpersNetherlands, ApeldoornAdjustable bed
Berlin IGriffioen PersNetherlands, Noordhorn
Berlin I1966Henk Francino / De Pers Achter de MurenNetherlands, Deventer
Berlin I1957Hinderickx & WinderickxNetherlands, Utrecht
Berlin IMercator PersNetherlands, Zuid
Berlin IPresse d'EscargotNetherlands, Valthe
Berlin IStichting Grafisch Centrum GroningenNetherlands, Groningen
Berlin IWAJM AndriesNetherlands, Oosterhout
Berlin IWendelien SchönfeldNetherlands, Amsterdam
Berlin IM. Varekampunknown
Berlin I-Kraft141 1081959TypiqueNetherlands, Amsterdam
Berlin I-Kraft41871969Peter de RoyBelgium, Antwerp
Berlin II1968Avalon PersNetherlands, Woubrugge
Berlin II-Kraft40331968Drukkerij Die HagheNetherlands, Voorburg
Berlin SP.—KR.—Luft53141974PrivateFrance, BRE, Vannes53 × 70 cm
Berlin Spezial Kraft46971971Gallery p98aGermany, Berlin Ink duct for long runs and automatic delivery
Berlin-Spezial38051967Atelier S8Norway, Sandnes
Berlin-Spezial38891968Per Gunnar BrandstorpNorway, Moss
BremenThe Printing MuseumNew Zealand, Wellingtonex Melbourne Museum of Printing
Frankfurt14671960Giovanni TurriaItaly, Vicenza
FrankfurtRainbowlandNetherlands, Amsterdam
Frankfurt-Kraft43 13441960Jelmar Geertsma & Klaas GeertsmaNetherlands, Groningen
Frankfurt-Kraft28661964Grafisch Atelier HilversumNetherlands, Hilversum
Frankfurt-Kraft III18421961Erik SpiekermannGermany, Berlin
Freiburg26721964Grafisch Atelier HilversumNetherlands, Hilversum
HannoverAFA 149FlyinFish Letterpress
Poland, BielskoFactory name is Robel & Co. Machinenfabrik Munchen 25
Bed size is 530 × 700 mm
Hannover411 2931954Jimmy PéguetFrance, Issoudun
Hannover14171960TypiqueNetherlands, Amsterdam
Hannover17081961Alexandra KozinaCzech Republic, Prague
Hannover19831962Stoffel van den Bergh, SuperDrukBelgium, Antwerp
Hannover21171962PrivateNetherlands, Utrecht
Hannover27451964Christopher WakelingUK Durham
Hannover29671964Rita Theunis/RoosterbeekpersBelgium, Zonhoven
Hannover30931965Marleen/Marieke/EstherNetherlands, Amsterdam
Hannover39051968Hilde van den HeuvelBelgium, Mortsel
Hannover39461968Stéphane de SchrevelBelgium, Ghent
Hannover41541969Academie KontichBelgium, Kontich
Hannover125861957Geert de KoningNetherlands, Groningen
Hannover156341957Sakari MannistöFinland, Turku
HannoverAmbachtelijke drukkerij TypiqueNetherlands, Amsterdam
Hannover1959Anatoly ZenkovRussia, Moscow
HannoverDe KoboldNetherlands, Rilland
HannoverDe PlataanNetherlands, Utrecht
Hannoverdick berendes-typografiekNetherlands, St. Pancras
HannoverDr G. ElzingaNetherlands, Muiden
HannoverDrukkerij RutgersLeiderdorpunknown
HannoverelbaPersNetherlands, Huissen
HannoverG. J. van der HorstUnknown
HannoverGraphica LochemNetherlands, Lochem
HannoverHans BuddendijkNetherlands, Den Bosch
HannoverKnalgoed ProductiesNetherlands, Arnhem
Hannover1953LABORAEstonia, Tallinn
HannoverLe P'tit CahierNetherlands, Amstelveen
HannoverMarist-PressBelgium, Habay-la-Vieille
Hannovermkwadraat persNetherlands, HarenMissing gripper bar
Hannover1962MuseumdrukkerijNetherlands, Grootegast
HannoverPers No. 14Netherlands, Leiden
HannoverPeter PlompenNetherlands, Enkhuizen
HannoverStudio EgginkNetherlands, Zierikzee
HannoverThe Rather Obscure PressNetherlands, Utrecht
Hannover1967Triona PersNetherlands, Houwerzijl
HannoverTypografsiche WerkplaatsNetherlands, Haarlem
HannoverYsbrandpersNetherlands, Alkmaar
Hannover II1966Karel TreebusUnknown
Karlsruhe14581960Helios EditionsAustralia VC Moorabbin50 × 70 cm
Nürnberg22501963Raspberry PressUK Shrewsbury38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg27161964Mary Anne KingsmillCanada BC Vernon38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg4703Eugeny PerfilevRussia, Moscow38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg48891971In de BonnefantNetherlands, Banholt38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg49361972Jan van Eyck AcademieNetherlands, Maastricht38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg50451972Erik SpiekermannGermany, Berlin38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg51071972Howard Iron Works MuseumCanada ON Oakville38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg51331972Kenneth Andrew MroczekBelgium, Brussels38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg52181973Vicarage FarmhouseUK Buckinghamshire, Stone38 × 50 cm
NürnbergCiceroNetherlands, Diemen38 × 50 cm
NürnbergLies VerdeniusNetherlands, Amsterdam38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg1963Ser J. L. PropNetherlands, Banholt38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg Kraft23391963Lies VerdeniusNetherlands, Amsterdam38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg Kraftt Luft49261972Annan Graphische Maschinen GmbHGermany, Lauda-Königshofen38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg Kraftt Luft49131972Gallery p98aGermany, Berlin38 × 50 cm. Delivery with air pump
Nürnberg I31331972Peter de Roy, TipoZeroBelgium, Brussels38 × 50 cm
Nürnberg I36441965-67Göteborgs KonstskolaSweden, Göteborg38 × 50 cm
Stuttgart312 9851958Loes van der MeerNetherlands, Utrecht
Stuttgart27391964De Vergulde Maatlat / TreemapersNetherlands, Bergschenhoek
Stuttgart29771964Maarten Giltay VethNetherlands, Amsterdam
Stuttgart39191968Joos WiersingaNetherlands, Amsterdam
Stuttgart40501968Papera Press StudioBelarus, Minsk
Stuttgart42421969The Printing MuseumNew Zealand, WellingtonFormerly at Custom Cutting Formes Ltd., Christchurch
Stuttgart44191969Niels GoovaertsBelgium, Bierbeek
Stuttgart48491971Hans BuddendijkNetherlands, Den Bosch
Stuttgart52921973Job ZinkstokNetherlands, Rotterdam
Stuttgart182071954MuseumdrukkerijNetherlands, Grootegast
Stuttgart271521953Pica Doodle Press/Mirka HokkanenUSA HI Honolulu
Stuttgart297401957Frayed Frisket PressNew Zealand, Dunedin
Stuttgart344651956Simon CaquardFrance, Paris
Stuttgart485401956Channa WijmansNetherlands, Nijmegen Missing rollers
StuttgartBert van der HoekNetherlands, Renkum
StuttgartBoktorNetherlands, Utrecht
StuttgartDe OverkantSpain, Granada
StuttgartDennis van HelmondNetherlands, Amsterdam
StuttgartDirk Engelen / Clio PersNetherlands, Den Haag
StuttgartDrukkerij Die HagheNetherlands, Voorburg
StuttgartDrukkerij Lood v/h PlumbumNetherlands, Amsterdam
StuttgartEierlandpersNetherlands, Eierland
StuttgartEva LebensNetherlands, Voorburg
StuttgartFalstaff & FakirNetherlands, Amersfoort
StuttgartFrans BoslandNetherlands, Castricum
StuttgartGalerie SopitNetherlands, Castricum
StuttgartJJL ten KatepersNetherlands, Amsterdam
StuttgartKnalgoed ProductiesNetherlands, Arnhem
StuttgartMarlies LouwesNetherlands, Groningen
Stuttgart1970Niek Smaal, de HoutpersNetherlands, Wageningen
StuttgartOmnia CurruntNetherlands, Enkhuizen
StuttgartPers No. 14Netherlands, Leiden
StuttgartPeter PlompenNetherlands, Enkhuizen
StuttgartStatenhofpersNetherlands, Den Haag
Stuttgart1956Atelier It Plein 19Netherlands, Rotterdam
StuttgartAlbatrospersNetherlands, Apeldoorn
StuttgartKurpers 2Netherlands, Nijmegen
Stuttgart43 3241955Folkwang UniversitätGermany, Essen
Super Royal No. 1034 11271959Washington UniversityUSA MO St.Louis
Super Royal No. 1013231960Hamilton Wood Type MuseumUSA WI Two Rivers
Super Royal No. 1014061960Write253USA WA TacomaFormerly at Community Print, Olympia
Super Royal No. 1014501962Kent State UniversityUSA OH Kent
Super Royal No. 1015081964Custom BinderyUSA CA Carson
unknown1972T. DijkstraUK, Suffolk
unknownEveline RichterNetherlands, Haarlem
unknownTypografsiche WerkplaatsNetherlands, Haarlem


I wish to thank everyone who has shared their press data, but especially Hans van Eijk, Thomas Gravemaker, and Dave Seat who provided information on other Korrex presses of which they are aware. TablePress plugin by Tobias Bäthge.

Vandercookpress.info is not legally affiliated with any owners of the name Korrex.

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