Hacker Patents

hacker-logo1.jpgHorace W. Hacker (1879-1968) was proprietor of the Hacker Manufacturing Co. in Chicago which made proof presses (featuring reciprocating beds), plate gauges, as well as Potter and Poco proof presses. In 1937 the company was bought by Vandercook & Sons. Hacker was issued 14 printing equipment patents. He later obtained four more unrelated to printing.

Patent No.TitleInventor/NotesFiling DateIssue Date
1084085Printers Plate-HookHamilton, W. L.1/30/19131/13/1914
1270410Ink BrayerHacker, H.W.6/8/19176/25/1918
1316888Plate GaugeHacker, H.W.6/20/19189/23/1919
1385824Mounted Printing-PlateHacker, H.W.12/30/19207/26/1921
1453350Clamping MechanismHacker, H.W.6/13/19215/1/1923
1513390PlanerHacker, H.W.11/5/192110/28/1924
1527299Printing PressHacker, H.W.5/5/19242/24/1925
1536093Printing PressHacker, H.W.1/14/19245/5/1925
1620343 Method of and Apparatus For Masking ObjectsHacker, H.W.5/9/19233/8/1927
1872572Method of Producing Printing Plate BlocksHacker, H.W.4/20/19318/16/1932
2033704Plate BlockHacker, H.W.1/17/19343/10/1936
2033705Plate BaseHacker, H.W.12/28/19343/10/1936
2125039Line-up GaugeTrotter, H. R.10/21/19367/26/1938
2241597Make-up GaugeHacker, H.W.7/20/19405/13/1941