Western Census

This table attempts to catalog existing Western relief proof presses. Currently, there are 6 presses listed. Western proof presses have rigid beds and rolling carriages. Western Manufacturing, a division of Adwest Engineering, in Reading, England, began making presses in 1957 when it bought a licensing agreement from Miller Printing Machinery Ltd. to build Vandercooks. Models include the 05, 4C, and 219 (hand, power, and adjustable bed variants). After this agreement ended in 1959, Western built their own comparable models which were sold by Stephenson Blake. The Western census show just four presses, because presses built under license are included in the main Vandercook census. 

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05611AWAMR Logan PressUK Finedon
4C1630AMR Logan PressUK Finedon
30Old School PressUK Hinton Charterhouse
R225Camberwell College of ArtUK London
R234Camberwell College of ArtUK London
unknownRicky BrawnUK ?

Martyn Ould of the Old School Press has posted the operator’s manual for his Western 30.


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