When a press is decidedly beyond restoration because of damage, excessive wear or rust to its cast bed, bearers under rails, or impression cylinder, there may still be value in many of its other parts.

Bakelite knobsFuses, solenoidsPush rod
Bumper blocks and springsGripper barReel rod, ratchet, pawl
Cams and rollersGripper opener leverRollers, bearings, supports, cores, gears, Nyliners
Clutch plateHand crank, taper pin, set screwScrews
Delivery trayHandwheelSide guide
Drawers and pullsInk drumSwitches
EccentricsBedplateTie bars/tie rods
Feed boardMotor/gearbox, belt, chainTrip rollers, wedges
Foot pedalNameplateWash up tray
Friction fingersOscillator and riders, frame

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  1. annazygowski - November 8, 2019

    Im on the hunt for a vandercook 4 drive chain (part number mm-126) if anyone out there has vandercook parts Id love to hear from you.

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