Used Press Parts For Sale

This page lists press parts for sale by owners who will set the price with buyers. Inventory will be updated as often as possible
Email the seller to confirm the availability of items.
To add items, please contact Paul Moxon.
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BrandPress ModelPart NumberPart NameSeller
Challenge15 MPA-2534Form roller coresPaul Moxon
Challenge15 MPA-2537Rider roller (Distributor assemblyPaul Moxon
Challenge15 MPA-2540Oscillator (Vibrator assembly)Paul Moxon
Challenge15 MP15" Lockup barPaul Moxon
ChallengeSeries K and GPDD-592Side guide, aluminum Paul Moxon
Vandercook219 New-styleB-131Top frame oscillator completePaul Moxon
Vandercook219 New-styleX-3073Original feed board. Good condition, wood only, no metal edge Daniel Morris
Vandercook219 New-styleX-3376Ink drum vibrator (complete) Ductor rollerDaniel Morris
Vandercook219 New-styleBottom frame rollersPaul Moxon
Vandercook219 NSX-3074metal feed board edgePaul Moxon
Vandercook219 Old-styleBottom frame rollersPaul Moxon
Vandercook219 Old-styleTop frame oscillator completePaul Moxon
Vandercook219, Universal IIIX-1164419" positive lockup barPaul Moxon
Side guide, aluminumPaul Moxon
VandercookNo. 3M-125Bottom frame, no roller coresPaul Moxon
VandercookNo. 3M-140Feed roller corePaul Moxon
VandercookNo. 4M-121Bottom frame, w/o cores or gearsPaul Moxon
VandercookNo. 4M-199Gripper Trip AssemblyPaul Moxon
VandercookNo. 4MB-104Form roller clutch platePaul Moxon
VandercookNo. 4MR-111/MR108form roller gears and clutch blocksPaul Moxon
VandercookNo. 4MS-144Head dead barPaul Moxon
VandercookNo. 4MS-274Cylinder check (carriage latch)Paul Moxon
VandercookNo. 4MS-276Lift armPaul Moxon
VandercookNo. 4MS-32Frank Trip WedgePaul Moxon
VandercookNo. 4Motor, speed reducer and mounting bracketDaniel Morris
VandercookNo. 4X-3376Ink drumDaniel Morris
VandercookNo. 4X-4448hand crankPaul Moxon
VandercookNo. 4Feed Board—with supports in fresh smoke greyDaniel Morris
VandercookNo. 4Cabinet onlyThomas Stark
VandercookNo. 4Traveling sheet delivery trayPaul Moxon
VandercookNo. 4Cabinet drawers, sold a a pairDaniel Morris
VandercookNos. 3, 4MS-130Bumper blocksPaul Moxon
VandercookNos. 3, 4X-14168gripper barPaul Moxon
VandercookOld-style modelsL-3Side guide, brassPaul Moxon
VandercookSP15X-20414Roller cores, good used pair Daniel Morris
VandercookSP15X-20513Rider rollerPaul Moxon
VandercookSP15X-20637Wash-up TrayPaul Moxon
VandercookSP15X-20729Oscillator (tube, shaft, and worm gear)Paul Moxon
VandercookSP15X-21810Gripper bar (5 heads)Paul Moxon
VandercookSP20X-19560Oscillator (tube only)Paul Moxon
VandercookSP20Foot dead barPaul Moxon
VandercookUniversal IX-11264carriage latch blockPaul Moxon
VandercookUniversal IX-14835Foot dead barPaul Moxon
VandercookUniversal IX-20933Modular roller cores pair (includes inner rods and end gear)Daniel Morris
VandercookUniversal IAutomatic sheet deliver towerPaul Moxon
VandercookUniversal IHead dead barPaul Moxon
VandercookUniversal ITraveling sheet delivery trayDaniel Morris
VandercookUniversal I ABbumper blocksPaul Moxon
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