Lesser-known Brands

While Vandercook dominated the world market, there are 44*other brands of comparable flatbed cylinder proof presses. Brands with significant information have their own pages under the Other Brands menu. Those listed below are now rare or non-existent. Some companies were better known for production presses or bindery equipment. To provide information or images, please use the contact form.

AtlanticKAS 20, 21, 22, 23, 241950s-70sGermanyTriumpf gravity presses rebranded for US market.
BrowerNos. 0, 1, 21910-27USA IL ChicagoReciprocating beds.
Cefmor-BrehmerNos. 0, 21950s-60sUK, LondonReciprocating bed.
ClaybournHand, Power, 4-Color1921-37USA, WI, MilwaukeeCf. Hacker.
Cropper CharltonFranklin (A, B)
Sterling M 1, 2, 3,
Sterling S 1, 2, 3
1960sUK, NottinghamGeared and gravity presses.
ElderSuper Lightning1960sUK, LondonAdjustable bed.
ExcelloExcello1929USA, MI, Grand RapidsReciprocating beds. Cf. Potter.
Farley1, 2, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 24, 25, 261950s-60sUK, CroydonGravity presses.
Fremauxunknown1967BelgiumCf. Korrex. BP Feb. '67
FunditorPPS, PPL1960sUK, LondonReciprocating and fixed beds.
GEMGEM1933UK, ManchesterThompson & Son, Ltd.
Hoeunnamed1933UK LondonHoe Ltd. Subs. of R. Hoe, NY.
HolmesDual Purpose1960sUK, Birmingham
HohnerComfort I / II1950s-60sGermany, TuttlingenHand and power models
Hunter-Penrose Ltd1, 2, 41950s-60sUK, LondonVandercook licensee. Cf. No. 4
J.G. Schelter & Giesecke
1909Germany, LeipzigOptional ink distrib. Type foundry & press mfg., est, 1819.
Johann Gietz & Co.unknown1892-1960sZurich, SwitzerlandUK distr. Soldans Ltd. Cf. Robel Lightning. gietz.com/history.html
KovoMaxima Avant1963CzechoslovakiaBP July '63.
Little JoeS-78 H & HD1970---USA, NJ Clark, NJColor match & print eval.
Littlejohn105 Nos. 1A, 2, 31927-60sUK, LondonAcq. by HPL early '60s. Cf. Vandercook 219 NS.
1932-70sUSA, NY, RomeCf. Vandercook Nos. 0, 1, 14
See Reprex;
PrestoSenior, Master1953USA, TX, Forth WorthKJ Dollahite. IP Sept. '53.
Precisionunnamed1938USA, WI, MilwaukeePrecision Printers Equipment Co. Gravity press. GAM Sept. '38.
Record8 sizesUK, Wembley, UKJJ. Huber. Noted in BP Jan. '70.
Reliance12" Long Folio,
1954UK, LondonBP May '54. Cf. GEM.
RobelLightning1960sW. GermanyCf. Johann Gietz & Co.
RonaiunknownunknownAustralia, West RydeReciprocating beds. Cf. Poco.
Proof Master: 20-23, 25, 30, 31, 50
1886-1968UK, LondonImported Vandercooks in 1960s.
Agent for Gietz, Western.
Stephenson Blake0
S series (1, 3)
1950-60sUK, SheffieldCf. Western 4C. Also mfd. gravity presses.
Thomas Taylor & SonsFavorite1960sUK, LeicesterGravity presses. Cf. Farley.
TriumpfKAS 20, 21, 22, 23, 241950s-70sGermany, MunichOscar Wittekinde. Cf. FAG, Grafix. See Atlantic.

* Brands such as Binswanger & Kienle, John & Wm. Burt, Ltd., Bielomatik, and Heidelberg have not been included because their products are not suitable for relief printing as practiced today.

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