Presses for Sale

Vandercook and other brands of proof presses have been known to appear on these websites

North America
Equipos Offset (Bindery Tools) (Graphic Arts Equipment) (Hicks Bros.)
Rick the Printer
Stark Press Company




New Presses
Drucken & Lernen new showcard-style tabletop proof presses
FAG Presses factory reconditioned letterpress proof presses by this Swiss manufacturer
Harry F. Rochat Ltd. new UK built simplified, flatbed cylinder proof press


Important factors to consider when buying

  • Is the size of the press appropriate for the kind of work you want to produce?
  • Will the press fit in its designated space?
  • How difficult will it be to move? Where is it located: a basement, or a third floor walk-up?

Take an inventory of main components

  • Motor–check oil level and wiring, then power on. Listen for odd noises
  • Carriage–there should not be any lateral play when carriage is rolled in print mode over press bed. If so, carriage bearings may be out of adjustment or there may be excessive wear on under rails due to lack of lubrication. Also test print stroke and return trip.
  • Under rails–run finger along length, feel for fine metal shavings or sharp edge indicating wear and neglect. Press may not be suitable for close register work or fine printing.
  • Inking system–Is oscillating roller assembly complete? Roller cores and bearing assemby can be replaced. Assume roller rubber will need to be replaced.


  • Rust surface or deep –impression cylinder, oscillating roller and reservoir drum, press bed
  • Physical damage from previous moves–bent feed board, broken handles, or levers, dented cabinet.
  • Excessive grime, dried ink, or rust–will it take a wire brush, mineral spirits and WD-40 or naval jelly and a chisel?
  • Contact “NA Graphics”: to find out whether replacement parts are available.
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