Eickhoff Census

This data table lists 10 Eickhoff presses worldwide. To add or correct data, use the Contact Form.

Please provide the following information:
• model name (including features: adjustable bed, power carriage, and tapes/frisket tower)
• serial number
• owner name
• location
• where or from whom it was acquired (to eliminate duplicate entries)

ModelSerial No.YearOwnerLocationNotes
2 BS10987De Grafiekdrukkerij*Netherlands, Amsterdam
Danny Mertens, Letter KabinetBelgium, Ghent
Jens Jørgen HansenDenmark, Bogtrykker, Holsted
Niek SmaalNetherlands, Wageningen
Christopher WilsonUK, Newcastle/Tyne
Sakari MännistoFinland, Turku
Grafisch Atelier HilversumNetherlands, Hilversum
10056Atelier TBelgium, Bierbeek
1 BSBert RigtersNetherlands, Leiden
1 BS10226Sandra BergsmaNetherlands, Amsterdam


These entries were initially compiled by Thomas Gravemaker.

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