This forum welcomes all members to participate in the discussions. But first, please take a moment to complete your personal profile by providing your full name and website if you have one. Be assured that your email address is kept private and is not shown in blog posts (unless you add it in the text), and cannot be not harvested by spammers.
While drafting posts and comments members should please:

  • address one model or one issue common to multiple presses per post
  • precisely title new posts, suggested form: Model (or brand), part, problem.
  • read all other comments in thread before commenting
  • be specific regarding model name (e.g. Universal I AB)
  • refer to your operator’s manual for terminology and part numbers
  • include the press serial number (helpful for moderator replies)
  • Search the site for applicable information
  • be concise and on point
  • proofread before sending

The New Post button is at the top left of the browser window:

  • maximum size for uploaded photos is 1024 pixels wide and 72 dpi
    To add images to your post: Select “Add Media” and upload from your computer.]
  • All posts and comments are subject to editing or removal at moderator’s discretion.
  • Private comments and suggestions may be conveyed via the Contact Form.
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