Vandercook Dealers

The serial number/model record cards, held by NA Graphics, reveal that Vandercook & Sons exported presses via multiple foreign firms beginning in the late 1920s through the 1960s. Most of them are listed in advertisements found in The Inland Printer, as well as The British Printer and The Canadian Printer.

U.S. DealersCa.Location
A.F. Wanner & Co.1909– 1911IL Chicago
American Steel Chase Co.1923NY New York
American Type Founders1909–50sNJ Elizabeth
Eastern Sales Co. (previously S&H)1911–1914NY New York
George R. Keller1940sDC Washington Inland
Newspaper Machinery Corp.1950sMO Kansas City
Reach Printers Supply1960sAR Little Rock
Phil D. Schwartz Co.1938NE Omaha
Samuel Stephens & Wickersham Quoin Co.1930sMA Boston
Southeastern Printers Supply1955GA Atlanta
Turner Type Founders1940sIL Chicago
Typothetae of New York1909– ?New York
Western Newspapers Union1953PA Pittsburgh
Wm. M. Kemp Co.1940sCA San Francisco
Zimmer Mfg. Co.1928NY New York
ImportersYears ca.Location
Adolph Wulff1960sDenmark Copenhagen
Alex Cowan & Sons1929-32Australia Melbourne
Baker Sales Group1923-32UK London
Deberny et Peignot1931-60sFrance Paris
F.A.G.1948Switzerland Laussane
F.T. Wimble & Co. Ltd. Printer's Outfitters1963Australia & New Zealand
Geo. M. Stewart1913Montreal
Graphic Arts Machinery Ltd1923Canada Toronto
Hunter Penrose Ltd.1947UK London
Miller & Richard1913Toronto and Winnipeg
Monotype Machinery Co.1960-70sUK London
Organizzazzione P. Capitini1960sItaly Milano
Parsons Trading Co. (export agent for the Eastern Sales Co. in all countries except Canada)1913New York, Mexico City, and Sydney, Australia
Sears Ltd.1952-68Canada Toronto
Soldan Ltd.1950sUK London
Toronto Type Foundry Co. Ltd.1930-32Canada Toronto
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