Hacker Census

This table lists 21 known Hacker presses worldwide. Hacker proof presses were made in Chicago, Illinois between 1919 and 1937. In 1937 the company was acquired by Vandercook & Sons. To add or correct data, use the Contact Form.

Please provide the following information:
• model name (including features: adjustable bed, power carriage, etc.)
• serial number
• owner name
• location
• where or from whom it was acquired (to eliminate duplicate entries)

Serial numbers can be found on a nameplate on the pedestal and on the bed bearer (rail), left end operator’s side of the press.




OwnerLocationShip Date /Year. Notes
22044footPRINT pressNew Zealand, TuakauSerial number card not located in archive
4409New Albion Press and the Moonshine PressUSA CA CamptonvilleSerial number card not located in archive
42166Julie SolaUSA NM Las Vegas1/12/1924. Capitol Engraving Co., Nashville TN
42195San Jose Printers' GuildUSA CA San Jose 5/28/1924. Garnier Engraving Co., 407 E. Pico St., Los Angeles
42511Larry K. JohnsonUSA FL Pensacola1929
42516Warren Smith/The Print Shop HoustonUSA TX HoustonSerial number card not located in archive
42564John B. DavenportUSA TX Dallas99 prefix on s/n card dated 1938
42703Chris ChenUSA OR PortlandSerial number card not located in archive
42717Tribune Show PrintUSA IN Muncie
42724Scrub Oaks BinderyUSA UT Salt Lake CitySerial number card not located in archive
4B2243Utah State UniversityUSA UT Logan1925
4B2252PrivateUSA CA Murphys5/20/25 to Commercial Art & Engraving Co., San Francisco CA.
4B2333Larry K. JohnsonUSA FL Pensacola1926. Previously Ricard Cadmus, Knoxville.
4Daniel PetrzelkaUSA WA Mt Vernon
4Foolscap PressUSA CA Santa Cruz
4Lady Fingers LetterpressUSA CO Black Forest
4San Jose Printers' GuildUSA CA San Jose
4University of DallasUSA TX Irving
4unknownUK Leightonebay 07/2014
5-B22-2Peter Koch, PrintersUSA CA Berkeley12/8/36 to Magazine Photo Engraving Corp. Stamford CT
unknownRussell Fray / Chapel PressAustralia VI Melbourne

See also the Potter Census.


Thank you to these individuals who has shared their Hacker press data: Ethan Ensign, Larry Johnson, Matt Kelsey, Fritz Klinke, and Harold E. Sterne.




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