Platemaking Equipment Census

This data table lists 27* Vandercook and Hacker brand non-press equipment (plate and type gauges, block levelers, and proof dryers). 1950 plate gauges.

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In 1915, Horace Hacker & Co. developed its famous plate gauge. A decade and a half later, Graphic Arts Monthly declared the invention:

“the first thing to penetrate the fog of makeready …. It proved that when plates and cuts were held to accurate dimensions makeready would require only a fraction of the usual time. It exposed the importance of accuracy in all dimensions affecting impression.” (April 1931).

Block Leveler 109862John FinchUSA CO Palmer Lake
Block Leveler 1116894Moore Wood TypeUSA OH ColumbusHacker
Block Leveler 1118590Press 817USA KY LexingtonPreviously at the Dale Guild
Block Leveler 11Virgin Wood TypeUSA NY Rochester
Plate Gauge 621-30Hamilton Wood Type MuseumUSA WI Two RiversHacker
Plate Gauge 9409Ernst ShaeferUSA CA Santa RosaHacker
Plate Gauge 9482Verona PressUSA MA GillHacker
Plate Gauge 9741Gaspereau PressCanada NS KentvilleHacker
Plate Gauge 9751Learning LetterpressUSA MA BostonVandercook
Plate Gauge 9958Cedar Creek PressUSA IA Mason CityVandercook
Plate Gauge 91038Basilian PressCanada ON TorontoVandercook
Plate Gauge 91042Hamilton Wood Type MuseumUSA WI Two RiversVandercook
Plate Gauge 91071Larry JohnsonUSA FL PensacolaVandercook
Plate Gauge 91072Musee de l'imprimerie du QuebecCanada QC MontrealVandercook
Plate Gauge 91327Rochester Institute of TechnologyUSA NY RochesterVandercook
Plate Gauge 99032Tribune Show PrintUSA IN MuncieHacker
Plate Gauge 9Columbia CollegeUSA IL ChicagoVandercook
Plate Gauge 9Museum of PrintingUSA MA HaverhillHacker
RPD-15 Rotary Proof Dryer23405PrivateMexico, Monterrey Vandercook
Type Gauge 621-181Inky Lips PressUSA TX McKinneyHacker
Type Gauge 621-185James GraysonUK KentHacker
Type Gauge 621-319Rob MillerUSA IN MuncieHacker/Vandercook
Type Gauge 11156Pandemonium PressUSA CO Fort CollinsHacker
Type Gauge 11276Cedar Creek PressUSA IA Mason CityVandercook
Type Gauge 11330The Arm LetterpressUSA NY BrooklynVandercook
Slug Gauge11-590Ernst ShaeferUSA CA Santa RosaHacker/Vandercook
Slug GaugeBaltimore Print StudiosUSA MD Baltimore

* Less effort has been made to collect this data than for presses, but there are more known to exist.

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