Power Carriage Parts

Page in development. This table provides information on spare electronic parts for power carriage Universal series and SP25 Vandercook presses. It will be expanded to include the Vandercook 219 P and other models and brands as the information becomes known.

Pier Six Press: Universal I Vandercook Electrical Upgrade Package

PartOEMOld Part NumberPart TypeCurrentSchematicV InputMax CurrentSupply Source/Notes
Bridge RectifierRectifier115V AC
Bulb cover2811 red dome lensAllieddelec.com
Control knobGeneral RadioKNSP-6 blackLeeds Radio, NOS
Control knobGeneral RadioKNSP-8 blackLeeds Radio, NOS
Control leverAllen Bradley800T T2MB21main forward, stop, reverse lever assembly
Control RelayRBMRBM 45200-2 or RBM 45211-2?Contactor3NO 1NC2NO 1NC115V AC
DIN RailRailN/AN/ATop-Hat
ForwardRBMRBM 45200-2 or RBM 45211-2?Contactor3NO 1NC115V AC
Front RelayOhmiteDOSX-7TRelay115V AC15A
Limit SwitchHoneywellBZE6-2RN2
Limit SwitchHoneywellBZ-2RQ68
Rear RelayOhmiteDOSX-7TRelay115V AC15A
RelayOhmiteDOSX-7T 15A 115V AC
ResistorOhmiteL25J500 500 OHMS 25 Wmake sure it is the correct length
ResistorOhmiteL50J200Kmake sure it is the correct length
Resistor 200k Ohm 50WOhmiteL50J200KResistorN/A
Resistor 500 Ohm 25WOhmiteL25J500ResistorN/A
ReverseRBMRBM 45200-2 or RBM 45211-2?Contactor3NO 1NC115V AC
Run bulbB2A neon bulbhardware store
Start butonHoneywell12MA7main green button on press
Stationary contactRBM45200-2
Stationary contactRBM45211-2
Time Delay RelayOhmiteDOSX-7TRelay115V AC15A
VariacOhmiteVT 8XAuto Transformer
Zener DiodeDiode

This table was developed from a list originally compiled by Daniel Morris. Additional information contributed by John Henry, A.J. Masthay, Paul Moxon, and Pier Six Press. To add data, please contact the site admin.

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6 years ago

This is a great list and saved my bacon initially! I have been refurbishing my wife’s universal 1 for her printing business and this was a great place to start. Due to the obsolescence issues I have been developing a power carriage based on the schematic which I also had to redraw into a modern circuit diagram. The frequency of relays degrading was a quick easy fix using 110AC DPDT 10AMP relays. I used OMRON MY2N-J AC110 relays in place of the DOSX-7T relays and they have been working fantastically and should last longer then the old ones. Next task is identifying modern contactors. Don’t know if this information is useful to anyone or if anyone has advice on new contactors but thanks for the list here!

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