Vandercookpress.info is a resource for information on the maintenance and history of Vandercook proof presses. Developed and moderated by Paul Moxon, it features a blog, index of models, manufacturing timeline, data tables, articles, and a bibliography. This site also seeks to expand the common knowledge of other brands of flatbed cylinder proof presses such as Asbern, Challenge, Korrex, and Reprex.

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Vanderblog Supporters
Vandercookpress.info is maintained and funded by the moderator, Paul Moxon, and by donations from the following individuals: Lad Boyle, Martha Chiplis, Barbara Crocker, Cuneiform Press, Cathy DeForest, Sean Dougherty, Scott Fisk, Russell Frost, Thomas Gravemaker, Thomas Hardjono, Barbara Hauser, John Horn, Malcolm Hull, John and Nancy Johnson, Elizabeth Boyle Kotz, LaLa Press, Gerald Lange, Hal Leader, Roger Maynor, Daniel Gardiner Morris, Bob Oatman, Aaron Parret, Kalle Pihlajasaari, Ronald Pollvogt, David S. Rose, Alan Runfeldt, Sara Sauers, Ernst Schaefer, Stephanie Shieldhouse, Coco Shinomiya, Susan Sims, Clio Tarazi, Katherine Victoria Taylor, Walter Tisdale, Merike van Zanten


Site History
The current website site succeeds Mark Wilden’s original Vandercook Proof Press website (2003–2005). On behalf of all Vandercook enthusiasts, I thank him for his good work. Mark based his site on data and commentary provided by Harold E. Sterne, former co-owner of Vandersons, and by Fritz Klinke owner of NA Graphics. Mark was also guided by Gerald Lange, author of Printing Digital Type on the Hand-Operated Flatbed Cylinder Press and moderator of the PPLetterpress Discussion List, and by Robert R. Vandercook, Jr., great-grandson of Robert O. Vandercook and grandson of Fred Vandercook. Other helpful people to Mark were: Mel Ristau, Casey McGarr, Bill Wetzel, George Hentea, Jeffrey Loop, Martha Chiplis, Emily Johnson, Nels Johnson, Paul Moxon, Eric Holub, Lance Williams, John Horn, Dave Celani, Neil Giroux, Bill Litfin, Rich Campbell, Arie C. Koelewyn, Greg Shattenberg, and Walker Rumble.

As of March 2005, this site is maintained by Paul Moxon a designer and letterpress printer who leads workshops on letterpress printing and Vandercook maintenance at universities and book arts centers throughout North America.
Vanderblog launched 9/12/06.

Paul is grateful for the continuing support of Fritz Klinke/NA Graphics and support of the late Hal Sterne. Paul also wishes to thank the following persons and organizations: Paul Aken, Paul Alessini, Michael Babcock, Rocky Baranowski, Paul Brown, Eric Brunvand, Dave Buchen, Simon Caquard, Katherine Case, Martha Chiplis, Terry Chouinard, Kate Clapper, Jason Davis, Robert Finkel, Scott Fisk, Colin Frazer, Sandra Fritz & Illinois State Library, Julie Gibb & Christian Morrison, Margaret Nolan Hay, Eric Holub, John Horn, M’Lissa Kesterman & Cincinnati Historical Society, Ellen Knudson, Harold Kyle, Gerald Lange, Kevin B. Leonard & Northwestern University Library Archives, Elisabeth Long, Jeffrey Loop, Eric May, Steve Miller & The University of Alabama MFA in Book Arts Program, Andrew Miller-Brown, Mike O’Conner & Amalgamated Printers Association, Martyn Ould, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Asa Peavy, Lorenzo Pellegrinelli, Steve Pittelkow, Marnie Powers-Torrey, Gunars Prande, Pulaski (NY) Historical Society, Paul Romaine, David S. Rose, Nathan Rose, Emil Rozek, Alan Runfeldt, Champe Smith, Jennifer Sorensen, Jessica Spring, Stacey Stern, Chuck Sumner, Steve Sylvester, Luis Miguel Valdes, Linda Wilbur, Wilmette (Illinois) Public Library, Gretchen Winger, David Wolske, and Yellowstone National Park Archives Service. Also, these former Vandercook & Sons employees: Bill Critchlow, Stanley Metza, Dick Tower and Gene Wenderski.


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