Chain tension issue on Universal I

This press recently got a rag stuck between the drum sprocket and the chain. After removing the rag and reconnecting the chain, I’m finding that the chain is alternating in a tight and loose pattern and dragging on the pedal mechanism. I’m concerned that the sprockets are misaligned or bent. I did try changing the mounting position of the motor, but no position fixed the issue.

Thank you for your insight.

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
2 months ago

So you lowered the motor, and there’s still slack?
Have you checked that the sprocket is tight on the ink drum and the motor?
You may be able to remove a link in the chain
and raise the motor.
There could also be new damage to the ink drum shaft or the bushings, which we installed on my visit in March 2023. The link is below.
The drum should be level with the width of the bed.
Please send a photo of the non-operators side where the drum shaft passes through the bed casting. See the last photo in this post:

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