Site Revisions in Progress

Please bear with us as I make a major overhaul of this website over the next few days weeks. To simplify the URLs, site structure and improve search engine optimation, the subdirectory /vanderblog has been eliminated and the forum moved to the root directory There have been service interruptions that I am working to …

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No. 4 Jumps

Our No.4 has a inking issue at approx 4 inches into the roll forward. what happens is a slight “jump” is felt and a faint reduction in inking of the plate for approximately 1/64th or smaller. results in a line that appears on the printer piece in the form of a lighter print. I have …

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Flat Bars in Cylinder on a Vandercook No. 2

When I acquired this No. 2 many years ago, an offset printing blanket (the press was being used for perforating/cutting prior to my getting it) was clamped between or under these flat bars. I replaced the blanket way back when and took these bars off and used the square cinching bars to tighten the blanket. …

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WTB: Vandercook 325G Form and Distribution rollers

Hello Vandercook Party People. I am looking to buy the form roller assembly, form rollers and distribution rollers for a Vandercook 325G. If you have any laying around I’d love to get my hands on them to get this big beast of a press I bought back up and running! On another note. I bought …

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Vandercook Employee Handbook

These pages from the Vandercook [Employee] Handbook No. 2 (ca. 1949) shows that the company provided good benefits. This copy belonged to David D. Vandercook. [ngg src=”galleries” ids=”17″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″] See also this recruitment flyer.   

painting a press

My Vandercook 4 looks scruffy and having moved it to a part of the house where it is visible to everyone, I would like to paint it. I wonder if there are any do-s and don’t-s about this. And although I have seen these presses painted in various colors, I wonder if there is a …

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Vandercook Universal II for sale

Vandercook universal II P/AB for sale. $13500. Ground level- can arrange rigging and loading at your cost. Very easy move out with the right tools, but no loading dock. I can supervise rigging so the rigging co does lift the press from the correct points. Features: Frisket tower with tapes Adjustable bed (Very useful) Power …

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