Universal I AB – Power Carriage Fuse Problem

I’ve been working on a thorough clean-up of my Uni I which was very grimy and dirty. I’ve already tore down and cleaned the adjustable bed which was frozen. That went smoothly thanks to the fine documentation from previous posts. Currently, I am dealing with a problem of immediately blowing a fuse when I put the power carriage into forward. At this point I don’t really know how to begin to trouble shoot this problem, and I am looking for direction. The rails and bearers are clean and lubricated. I have not cleaned the cylinder/gears at this point, but they aren’t too dirty. I realize that I may need to provide more information (and please let me know), but I appreciate any direction that can be given at this point. Thank you. Serial No. 23002.

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

The carriage wasn’t stuck if you could move it back to the feed board. You may not have pushed hard enough (the motor adds 150 lbs). In print mode, the cam follower (X-2627, aka the trip wheel on the vertical cylinder rack) rolls up the first trip cam (X-19231, aka trip wedge).

The click you heard is probably the limit cam passing over the micro switches.

Sheet 203 of the manual says X-2440 is 4 Amp, but this should be stated on both the fuse box and the fuse itself.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

The manual provides this information:

When using Power Grippers, it is essential that Manual Control Lever (J), or Selector Switch (K), are not moved when the cylinder is at the feed board, without waiting three seconds after the cylinder reaches the feed board. If Lever or Selector Switch are moved within the three-second period, the fuse may blow in the Power Grippers Circuit.

Ray Nichols
13 years ago

I don’t know where you are but I would consider contacting Dave Seat who travels the country and works on Vandercooks. We had trouble with our automatic Universal III and he helped figure out where the problem was in the reverse/off/forward switch and then to change it out. I bought the part from NA Graphics.

I highly recommend his work.


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