This is my first post. I went through the pictures on the Vandercook web site and the proof press we have looks like the 11×25 1/2 Trip Action Vandercook Proof Press. I am a 4th generation printer in Cincinnati OH. Would anyone venture a guess at the value of this press.
Thanks for your answer,
Mac McBreen

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2 thoughts on “11×25 1/2 Trip Action Vandercook Proof Press”

  1. Thanks for your post! I’ll dust her off
    and send you a picture. I appreciate
    your response.

  2. It would help to have a photo of the press as it blooks today. Like any other artifact, condition and completeness are the dominate factors to establish value. While this press is the oldest production model Vandercook made, it pre-dates the introduction of the gripper bar (to hold paper) and the inking carriage. Therefore, it’s utility to production-oriented printers will be limited. It will however interest relief printmakers and collectors of printing equipment.

    Later models with the same limitations described above have typically fetched $300-$500. The greater styling and age of this press warrants a bit more, but again will be augmented by condition and completeness.

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