Steve Robinson


Good Day Vanderbloggers, I have recently acquired a “fixer-upper” UNI-1 needing everything related to the inking on the press including the drum, oscillating roller, rider and assembly, the form roller blocks, levers etc. I am looking for a parts machine (long shot) or will begin to fab what I need. I have contacted the usual …

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Challenge 15MPC

I am reconditioning a 15MPC and am in need of an MPC manual or a pic of the impression Cylinder drive. I believe the parts are all there to reconnect except for the friction wheels (guessing) that ride the main drive shaft. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Regards Steve

Uni-III Power carriage motor querie

[This post deserves a second look–PM] I have recently rebuilt a Uni-III Power and was perplexed when I could not satisfactorily adjust the “braking” of the carriage at either end of travel. I adjusted the clutch to book spec, checked the micro switches, contacts and rheostat, all were functioning properly. With no other known adjustment …

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