Looking for some advice/ thoughts

Hello all,

I was wondering if you would give me your thoughts and advice on an Vandercook 15-20 press.

I talked to the gentleman selling the press and he seemed to think that grippers and a feedboard could be added to this press so it would have printing capabilities. He did mention that it does not have a trip petal. Do you think that this would be something that could be done in reality? This is an dry off-set printing Vandercook. It does have powered inking, and old style bottom frame form rollers. The interesting thing is that the substrate area and the bed both are adjustable. Since I’m not exactly wanting to use this for its original purpose, I was wondering what you master Vanderbloggers/printers thought. Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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Ray Nichols
12 years ago

There is only one listed in the census. Not sure what the Bidstarter.com reference is. Maybe it was in an auction and was just seen but then not knowing where it went.

Ray Nichols
12 years ago

On the grippers, I would get in contact with Fritz at NA Graphics (nagraph.com) and see if he had them.

The adjustable bed issue might be a problem. Goes from 1.1″ – .6″. Anything you print is going to need more than 1/2″ packing.

You said you were going to be using it for ‘other purposes.’ What would those be?

At 2300 pounds this is a pretty serious press that only prints the same size as an SP-15 (14″ x 20″). Thats still 350 pounds over a Universal I with adjustable bed and power drive.

Unless it is cheap my guess is this will be a hard press to get working like a normal Vandercook.

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