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Gerald Lange
12 years ago


I agree with Eric. This is a bit nuts. Besides what he has said how do you expect to adjust the roller height? You need functionality. If you can, get the presses out into the middle of the room and leave room around them. So much nicer for efficiency. Even for the photo op.


Eric Holub
12 years ago

I’d recommend repositioning the Vandercook. Against the wall, you can’t clean, oil, or make adjustments on the far side of the press. At a minimum, you should have enough room to stand and squat sideways between press and wall.
What’s more, with the bed end also against the wall, you can’t slide a form onto a galley. If you are photopolymer-only, that may not be an issue. But if you work with metal type, it is better to slide a form onto a galley than lift it section by section.

thomas gravemaker
12 years ago

Hello Marc, I can see a FNAC bag on the floor, are you based in France? I’m the owner of a Vandercook and based in Paris. Would you like to exchange information?

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