Universal 3 electrical issue

Looking for advice on an issue that just came up on my Universal III. In my infinite wisdom I decided to swap out the beat up faceplate on the controls with a replacement that I had. While disconnecting the on/off switch, some of the connections became loose and one completely came off. I was told they were the incorrect connections to begin with (spade vs screw) and all connections to the switch were changed over to the screw in type and everything was put back in place.

Here’s where things get interesting. Let me preface this with the fact that the press worked fine prior to messing with the switch. So now when the switch is turned on, the inking motor comes on and the little light also comes on. The problem is with the carriage, it simply does not respond to anything. The toggle switch (forward/back) is actuating the relays but the carriage does not move. The micro switches on the side also actuate the relays when manually depressed, but again the carriage does not move. We’re kinda baffled. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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