Universal I Power: Question about Manual/Cycle controls

My Universal I Power Test Press is having trouble with its manual/cycle controls. It only works in “manual” mode, so I can only move the carriage using the reverse/off/forward lever.  If I move the selector switch to “cycle” and press the start button, nothing happens.

The photo shows the controls on my press.  The manual/cycle switch and the orange start button are at the lower right. Since the labels are gone, I’ve figured out by trial and error which is “manual” and which is “cycle.”

Would appreciate any advice on how to fix this.  Thank you!

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  1. Basil Head - August 16, 2018

    Hello Christina. From the description you have given it appears you relays are functioning OK
    For Cycle operation. Switch your Manual/Cycle switch to Cycle. then you Forward/ Reverse
    switch move to Forward position. Then use the Cycle Button. I assume you have a press fitted with an Auto delivery?

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