Universal-III Power issues

Well I have had a reasonably smooth time with my U-III since 2011. After fixing some initial issues I have been using it at least twice a month for printing everything from business cards to large format linocut posters.

It came to me with a braking issue which could be managed with increasing the braking on the front knob and slightly adjusting the limit switch cams. Now the braking knob is fully turned clockwise and the carriage is bumping. The limit switch cams are also at their max adjustment.

I know I have some bigger issues at hand because the cycle and run settings never worked. Last Saturday it started to hang up at the feed table and required a nudge to get it started. And it also started hitting really hard at both ends of the press. More so at the feed table end. I now get an occasional switch sticking once the press is warmed up.

Now I am trying to chase gremlins. Read a handful posts about electrical issues. I think what I can adjust now is the clutch since everything else requires electrical work. I think I am also going to order 4 new limit switches for the press too.

Any insight to these gremlins and how to fix them is much appreciated! Here are a couple of shots of where things sit right now.

image 3 image4 image 2

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