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I’m going to build a couple of dollies on this plan for our studio so we can move stuff around with a toe jack. This is designed for our Powered Uni 1 with adjustable bed, so it’s not necessarily universal, though it should also work with the No. 3.

The procedure is to first block up the press evenly on 2×4 pieces, and then use the toe jack to lift the press just above the height of the dolly on one end, then on the other.

The outline is going to be ¾” plywood, with a cut out to accommodate the toe of a toe jack and the foot at the foot of the press. I am going to mount a smaller piece of plywood underneath with enough space for the foot, so everything is connected.

The red rectangles are these casters:


The blue ones are these, chosen for the brakes, so you can lock the press in place if you are on a lift gate.

I think a better version would replace the first casters with these

but I am going to save some money.

The dolly also allows for a longer 2×4 to be screwed in at the top (long edge vertical) for tipping protection, but taken out to go through narrow doorways. An improvement would be a bolt and embedded nut to be more reusable.

The cast iron casters aren’t appropriate for damageable floors, but they work for the space we are in now.

At UIC, I have moved our regular Uni I with just cheap furniture movers, so I think this is a robust solution. The carts are rated to 1000 lbs, but I can’t believe that the casters are, as they are just cheap plastic wheels.

Let me know if you see any pitfalls or chance to improve it. I tried to balance robustness, cost, and total height.

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