Well, now we have had a little practice with replacing a wooden bushing on a Uni 1 inking drum. I last posted on October 2011 when a bushing had gone on our Universal 1. We just had the wooden bushing go on our other Uni 1 (serial number: 28671). So, I thought I would share what we have learned.

On the back of the press there is a lock ring key and screw that must be removed to free the shaft. There are 2 collars on the shaft that limit the side to side movement of the inking drum and each has 2 set screws that need to be loosened to move on the shaft. Once they are both loosened you can hopefully tap the shaft out of the inking drum. This may not be that easy.
Both times that we had the wooden bushing go it ended up inside the inking drum rattling around. I used the shaft to break up the bearing and tipped the drum from side to side to get the pieces out, bit by bit. The new wooden bushing can be a very tight fit so I have ended up carefully sanding the bushing on the inside and outside to make it a bit easier to install. The bearings are fragile and can break easily with too much force. Once the new wooden bearing is in the drum it is just a matter of reassembling all the parts and tightening the collars to limit side to side play and locking the shaft with the lock ring and screw.

Uni 1 inking drum wood bearing shaft colars

Uni 1 inking drum colar

Uni 1 inking drum colar sproket side

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7 thoughts on “Replacing the wooden bushing on a Universal 1 inking drum”

  1. Thanks. It’s pretty surprising that they’re still available… That’ll make life a little easier when I finally stop putting it off!

  2. Did you make the wood bushings yourself? What type of wood are they made from? I’m afraid I might be replacing some bushings soon… Thanks.

  3. All Vandercooks with ink drums have these bushings (F-760). Wood is used where oil is inappropriate or impossible to apply. On the Universal, they sleeve the ends of the shaft that project out from the drum. Other models, like the No.4 and SP15, use screws that pass through the bed casting and into the ends of the drum.

  4. Sorry to seem stupid, but there is a bushing made of WOOD? Can you add an arrow to show where the bushing is? Inside the sprocket. You mentioned it going back inside the roller. What keeps that from happening normally. I don’t see any mention of any set screws holding that in place.

    I kind of want to take mine apart just to see it on our Universal III.

    Anyone know if all Vandercooks have these bushings? I’m wondering about our SP15.

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