Vandercook 15-21 maintenance

I’ve acquired a 15-21 and am pretty much teaching myself. I have the manual from NAGraphics for this model, have read and absorbed a great deal but don’t know the history of this press, feel like there are things that might need some attention by a professional. I live in Western Massachusetts and wondering if anyone knows someone who could or would be coming this way to do a complete check-up on this press. I’ve done a lot of lubing, de-rusting and some minor printing at this point. I’m a mechanically-inclined person and have checked out many links about maintenance on vandercooks. thanks

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Lad Boyle
10 years ago

Seedpod Press

NAGraphics is the source for Vandercook parts, supplies and all kinds of information about letterpress printing, but Paul is “the guy” to make your press hum – you need to see when he will be in your neighborhood. Alternatively, if you can identify specific problems, you will find lots of help, for free, on this blog.

Lad Boyle

Ray Nichols
10 years ago

Sorry. Should have left email addresses.

Paul Moxon

Dave Seat

I would encourage you to be in touch with both of them. Dave travels the country.

Dave seems headed west at the moment. He goes toward one coast and then the other. I keep a fairly constant eye on his schedule as I usually have something for him to look at.

Ray Nichols
10 years ago

Surely, Paul Moxon (who curates this site) is worth considering.

I’ve also had Dave Seat work on ours as he is generally in here every so often for work on our Intertype.

Dave solved some electrical problems with our Universal III when two different electricians couldn’t fix it.

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