Impression rollers and carriage ball bearings

My 15-21 has a history of the carriage rollers and ball bearings seizing up now and then. This makes moving the carriage very difficult and printing impossible. The last attempt I made to loosen them up involved a vacuum jar and motor oil. The grease inside the bearings was dry and (let’s just say…) “crunchy”. …

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Trip rack on 15-21

When in Print mode, my cylinder trip rack rides up the trip wedge and makes the carriage jump up right when the cam follower rolls off the top of the wedge. Is it possible to adjust this?

15-21 rail “sweepers”?

Are these things meant to keep the rail clean and, if so, are they supposed to have some other material like felt on the bottom of them?  Is this something I can do myself – any ideas?   They are very worn on the bottom and don’t really make contact. –  Seedpod Press

Vandercook nyliners

Does anyone know where I can get 5/8 ID nyliners for my Vandercook 15-21.  I know I can get 1/2″ nyliners from NA Graphics but they aren’t the right size for this press. Thanks….  Barbara at the Seedpod Press