232-crank.jpeg232-chain.jpeg Our machine shop added two gears and linked them together. The link can be seen in the picture with yellow handle (to the right of the handle). The reason for the link is that the cylinder shifts position and gear and the handle needed to shift with it. It takes five and a half rotations on the handle to move the cylinder through one full print cycle. There is a little resistance to get it started, but once it’s going it practically goes on its own.

2 thoughts on “232P conversion to M a success!”

  1. That is very nice work, and it looks like some serious machining was needed. I assume the handle is turned clockwise? All the Vandercooks I’ve seen have the handle, at feedboard, at a 4 0’clock position. A slight downward push is all you need to get the cylinder started. With the handle at 9 o’clock as it is here, you have to push up, which must be a bit uncomfortable. If that handle isn’t pinned, try rotating it around and then starting may get easier.

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