Vandercook #4 Bed Available

There is a cast iron bed for a Vandercook #4 available in Frenchtown, New Jersey. This bed is in good condition but has been completely stripped of parts. It does not include the cabinet or racks or any other bolt-on parts. No freight or shipping is available. If your press has damage or serious rail […]

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Tympan Sources

I’m looking for a source for tympan to use on my Vandercooks. I don’t mind having to cut it down. Are there any suppliers that still stock or produce .006 oiled tympan like the old Cromwell material? Thanks, Daniel Morris The Arm Letterpress Brooklyn, NY

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Vandercook Book

I just had the opportunity to sit down with a copy of the Vandercook Book assembled by Roni Gross and Barbara Henry of the Center For Book Arts. It was clearly a massive undertaking and it was worth the effort. Huge congratulations to the Center, to Roni and Barbara, and to those who contributed work. […]

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