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Hello all,

I have a No. 4 which the seller informed me has a 3 phase motor, I only have access to single phase power. I would be grateful to know of anyones experience of such matters. Did you change the motor or get a converter? If you used a converter it would be great to know what sort of rating I require, as they vary a lot in price. If you changed the motor, what sort of power do I need? I am in the UK (different power to you guys in the US).

Thank you for any advice, Alistair

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  1. Paul Moxon, Moderator - July 1, 2008

    First, it should be noted Alistair’s Vandercook was made under license in London by F.A.G. Equipment Ltd. (more on this in a forthcoming post). A Chicago-built No. 4 will have a 1/4 HP single phase motor. I would think that this would be sufficient for the British-built one as well, so my guess is that a 3 phase motor was installed to accommodate the wiring of a commercial building in which it was used. I’m certain that there is an electric motor repair service in London that could replace the motor. The may be cost a bit higher than for a phase converter.

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