325G For Sale in Denver

Private seller offering a Vandercook 325G for $11,000. Rollers are 3 years old, excellent condition. Equipped with ink fountain, custom-made photopolymer magnetic base,  Blanchard ground to be flat. Several backup plates.

A 325 was a newspaper proof press. This one is hand cranked and instead of a motor and ink drum the rollers (behind the carriage pass over an ink plate (under the feed board). To initially charge the rollers with ink the operator has to roll the carriage back and forward several times.  So it should be intuitive for a printmaker. No ideal for large editions. But check out the format:

Maximum sheet: 25″ × 30″
Maximum form: 24″ × 24½”
Floor space: 3’5″ × 7’9″
Shipping weight: 2300 lb ( ink fountain 125 lb).

Housed in a commercial building in Denver, it can be picked up at loading dock or street level. Seller info provided upon request.

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