Vandercook No.4 for Sale

My Vandercook 7 xgHello,
I have a Vandercook No.4 that I have had for over 25 years, it is very clean & well cared for. I am an artist & print maker. I removed the inking roller & paper-grabber mechanism fro easier use when doing my prints, I have all the parts & all the nut’s & bolts (although they could use a good cleaning.) My Vandercook pulls better embossed prints than any made-for-etching-press that I have ever used (Don Woods, etc.). I print from photo-etched plates, when I got out of the Army in 1969 I got a job at the Los Angeles Times as a apprentice photoengraver and developed my own style of print-making using the equipment at my job. I was, at the time the only artist doing printmaking this way. Heavily embossed hand colored prints. Times change……My landlord has been foreclosed on & the new owners have given me notice that I must move so they can sell the property. I have to sell my press & other item’s so I can put a down payment on a double-wide on a small piece of land here in the mountains where I live. I am 68years old & my Vandercook is the most valuable thing I own ( in more ways than  monetary.) I really am sad to see it go, but that’s the way things are. I am asking $9000.
Thank you for your time….peace & blessings, Grover

My Vandercook 12

My Vandercook 13

My Vandercook 15

My Vandercook a11

My Vandercook 18

My Vandercook 2

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