I think this one set a new Vandercook record.


Vandercook Universal III

Looks like a nice press. I’d love to have that adjustable bed.

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  1. Was this out of that shop in Brunswick, ME? If so, I recall he was trying to sell the entire shop for around $18k. Guess the piecemeal route worked out well for him in the end. I watched and gave up when it crossed the $5,000 line.

  2. About six years ago I bought an SP-15 plus a double type cabinet with some assorted fonts of lead and wooden type plus a set of Ludlow mats (Eusebius in multiple sizes) plus furniture and other accessories for $5000.00 Canadian. The SP-15 is in, what I gather, excellent condition (no rust) and has an extra set of rollers. I had it stored until last year and am now using it almost weekly. In spite of feeling a little envious for those who paid maybe less for more, I consider myself one of the luckiest people in Atlantic Canada to have this wonderful machine…..cheers….db

  3. I talked recently to a fellow who was in the process of buying a Vandercook in excess of $12,000. I don’t have confirmation on the sale, but he was pleased to get the press, and though knowing it was a large sum, he was not concerned about the price.


  4. Terrence

    Though I’d been offered a few Vandercooks for the taking (and declined), my record low of about a dozen Vandercook press purchases over the years was an SP-20 out in Chino, California. It was in an airport hanger and the fellow asked me what I would give him for it. Whatever you want. So he said how about $100. OK. How will you pick it up? I’ll rent a truck. How about I deliver it for free? OK.

    My best ever purchase was an as new SP-15 for $200 (which I still have). It was sitting between two as new Uni IIIs, each $500. I passed on those (still kicking myself).


  5. I paid $900 for an SP-20 in Richmond, VA in about 2005. When I went to pick it up (from Delaware) it was a lot rustier than I thought it was from the photos I had been sent, but it ended up cleaning up quite well. I sold it a year or so later for $3,000 which I used to help pay for our Universal III.

  6. A record high, yes. I’m curious if (other than free) there’s a record low. I’d like to open the bidding at $200 for a 325G that came with an imposing stone. Others? Please chime in.

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