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I’m a first time poster to this great site.  I have a #4 Proving Machine Serial #9009 sitting around getting rusty.  Does this press have any value, and what would be the best way of selling it.  We’ve had it for at least 35 years, and during that time, it was used rarely for ink testing in our lab.  Any info your can offer will be greating appreciated!  I can supply pictures if anyone is interested.  We are located in central New Jersey.

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  1. If you are selling I might also be interested in purchasing! I’m located in Jersey City right now but I also stay in Central NJ (Clinton/Flemington) sometimes.

  2. Thanks for your response, Paul! I’ll take a few photos and get them up in a couple of days. It’s interesting to learn that this press is about 70 years old. I actually thought it might be older, though. As I mentioned, for the past 40 years, it was used sparingly. I will try to detail the rails and gear so you get an idea of its condition. Right now, it’s a bit rusty, but I’m sure this can be cleaned up. Thanks again for the info!

  3. Yes, please do add photos. It will be helpful in determining its value. You are also welcome to post your contact info. The serial number tells us it was built in 1940 ( Based on seeing numerous other No.4s of this era (and the term “Proving”) yours is an old-style version. This is my own designation for those featuring springed load cabinet doors and an externally mounted cylinder trip lever. Also, the earliest ones do not have a gripper pedal. The pedal is desirable for close register work. However, only a physical inspection of the press, especially the under-rails can establish an accurate value. With age usually comes to wear.

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