Asbern AD-1

Hello Vanderpeople,

I recently acquired a Asbern Ad-1 proofing press, unfortunately the power inking assembly has been long removed.

Looking either for a scrap asbern or inking assembly, if one exists or specs on replicating the assembly.

Any advice helps.

serial# 8038 ADR-1


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Paul Moxon, Moderator
12 years ago

Awhile back I contacted the museum about info on Asberns, but was told that there wasn’t any info on the company in there files. I’ve also made a few inqueries to my European contacts, but again deadends.

William Berkuta
William Berkuta
12 years ago

The International Printing Museum is the keeper of Earnest Lindner’s collection and he was sole importer of Asbern presses.

Gerald Lange
13 years ago


Bit of a long shot, but the fellow who started the International Printing Museum in Los Angeles imported Asberns. Which is why there are relatively more of them here than elsewhere in the US. Maybe, just maybe, the Museum has some archival material.

Very well built presses though not exactly useful for editioning.


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