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I got a general question about the use of the washup unit. I just got an unused orignal nylonblade for the washup unit of my “FAG Control 405”. Until now I didn’t use the washup unit, since the old blade was broken. I print around 500–1500 proofs a week, sometimes with alot of colour changes – so it could make sence to use the auto washup. Here are my questions:

+ Do you guys use your washup unit? Any experience?

+ Are there any special tricks? I mean, I just run ink drum fast, then pour a little mineral spirits on the whole inking system, then use the washup unit while pouring a little more mineral spirts. Finally whiping the rollers and everything with a cloth. Sure I also clean the blade itself.

+ How to clean the washup unit? Any tricks? How often?



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john christopher
13 years ago

I put disposable paper towels in the washup unit to absorb the solvent.

kyle van horn
13 years ago

It sounds like you mostly have it figured out.

I don’t have experience on this press, but I do on a Vandercook. In short, keep your rollers touching, engage your washup blade, and introduce your roller wash.

A tip from a number of months back involved keeping your solvent to only a portion of your rollers at a time. Too much causes slippage, significantly slowing or altogether stopping the rollers from spinning, and adding time to your cleanup.

Keeping the solvent to only a section at a time keeps a portion of the rollers either inky or dry, which keeps them spinning.

Clean your blade every time. If possible, find some disposable *something* to put inside the scoop of the washup blade to collect most of the solvent. I cut down corrugated cardboard to fit, and have a stockpile waiting inside the press.

No matter how good your blade, you’ll still have to finish by hand. If it’s working though, it usually cuts cleanup time in half.

Happy printing!

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