Aufzugstarke instruction plate missing to pack Soldan Proofmaster (UK Press)

Our refurbished Soldan Proofmaster is missing the plate for packing instruction, and I am trying to find the mm to be able to pack it correctly. The press is a UK press, as far as I know there is only 2 more presses available in this series, one is currently located in Somerset w Carl Middelton. I have contacted him already as I know he has done a lot research on setting up a Soldan Just trying to gather any further info about the press as I know there is very little available.

Best Vibeke Luther O’Rourke

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
4 years ago

By way of comparison, Vandercook recommended that the cylinder be packed to at least 0.003″ (0.0762 mm) over cylinder for a kiss impression. This including the paper to be printed, drawsheet, and packing.

If the cylinder undercut is not known, measure the distance from the vertical difference between the impression surrface and the cylinder bearers on either side. with the depth probe on a pair of vernier calipers.

For the benefit of others, I’ve included a drawing showing the undercut and packing material on press.

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